Student's Speak

Varsha Gore

(Jan/05/056), Pune

The course gave me a deep knowledge of many aspects of clinical research, which has helped me a lot and as a result I am capable to set-up Clinical Research Unit and Ethics Committee at various hospitals.

Pankaj S. Mandpe

(Jul/05/018), Mumbai

The course was really helpful and the booklets are good enough to be kept as reference.

Mr. Sateesh P. Kumar

(Oct/05/030), Hyderabad

It was a good course and one could learn basics of clinical research with this course.

Dr. Latitendu Mohanty

(Oct/05/093), Delhi

The PDCR course is well laid-out course and is particularly suitable for working professionals.

Kamal Dua

Lecturer (Jun/06/025), Sonipat

I feel happy to inform you that I have successfully completed PDCR which became possible only due to your constant encouragspanent, cooperation and of course your valuable guidance.

Dr. J. Selvakumar

(Jun/06/045), Chennai

I am very grateful that after going through the study material I found it very interesting and useful. I understood all the mistakes that we do in day to day practice.

Dr. Geoffery Hiran

(Jun/06/052), Hyderabad

I enjoyed the course and learnt lot of new things pertaining to clinical research.

Dr. Rayomand R. Bengali

(Oct/06/024), Mumbai

After brief but enlightening tryst with PDCR, I have most certainly mastered the basics of clinical trials. The reading material is well organized and easy to comprehend charts have led to thorough understanding of New Drug Development. I write this tribute to the aspiration of enlightening other fellow students who wish to undertake PDCR to let thspan know that PDCR has shed light upon a whole new realm on me.

Dr. N. Arun Prakash

(Oct/06/033), Bangalore

I am proud to say that after completing the course, I got a job in Accenture as Team Leader in Pharmacovigilance operations and currently, I am working as a Manager at Quintiles.

Bramhakule P. Prabhakar

(ACCR/P1/07/019), Pune

It was my right decision to take admission in the course offered by Catalyst and I am very happy that I got a job asCRC because of constant training and guidance.

Abhirup S. Adhikari


I am very glad to write that the syllabus covers all the necessary aspects of clinical trials which we have to face in our professional life. Also, I am very pleased to admit the cooperation and guidance that I got from you.

Dheeraj Kumar

(Apr/07/075), New Delhi

I turned up to research after joining your course and I am very thankful to your staff who has helped me to complete my course with full of interest.

Satyendra K. Verma

(Apr/08/091), Lucknow

I would like to congratulate Catalyst for completing 5 years in clinical research training. The course is designed in a lucid way that helps anyone to develop command over the subject.

Dr. AbidZ. Hussain

(Feb/08/147), Wardha

I am proud to be associated with Catalyst. After completing PDCR in 2008, I felt lot of changes in my approach toward scientific projects and also in guiding my post-graduates.

Kiran M.J.

(Jun/08/010), Bangalore

PDCR course is very helpful for the freshers. As, I was new to clinical research it helped me a lot to learn the basics of clinical research. I would like to thank Catalyst for giving me such opportunity with a wonderful course.


(Aug/08/015), Chennai

After consulting my college staff, I joined PDCR and I am very much satisfied with the course which is designed perfectly for students. The course exposed me to all aspects and procedures of clinical trials in a very simple and lucid language.

Dr. Pradeepa R

(Aug/08/183), Bangalore

I would like to congratulate Catalyst for becoming the number one organization in providing clinical research training. The PDCR course had all the information which is required for a beginner.

R. Sarala

(Oct/08/001), Hyderabad

I feel happy after completing the PDCR program. I am also thankful for the support provided from the beginning till the completion as well as for the timely delivery of all the required information.

Dr. Zahida Majid

(Oct/08/010), New Delhi

The course provided me the sufficient information and overall experience with the institute was good.

Dr. Prashant R. Dinde

(Aug/09/068), Dist. Thane

I found the course very useful. It covers various clinical research topics in a concise and comprehensive format.

Dr. Rupali Rahul Thorat

(Oct/09/049), Navi Mumbai

I am very much thankful to the Catalyst Team for their cooperation and support. I am very sure that the course will definitely help me for my career.

Parthasarathi Ray

(Dec/09/148), Gandhinagar

I have fortunately got a job in Kendle as Medical Writer and definitely my ACCR training in Scientific Writing has helped me a lot in gaining this job.

Dr. Akshay Kshrisagar

(Feb/10/111), Pune

PDCR course was very informative and one can explore more and more knowledge every time reading through the modules.

Varun Jambhule

(Apr/10/151), Navi Mumbai

I am happy to pursue PDCR program from Catalyst and would like to thank you for your corporation.


(Jun/10/046), Chennai

The PDCR course is very useful to learn more things about Clinical Research industry. I would like to thank and congratulate you for yourr training programs.

Shiva Tiwari

(Aug/10/129), Datia

I am highly obliged to be a part of Catalyst family and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole program. I hope I will always be blessed with your valuable guidance.

Dr. Prerit Mathur

(Aug/10/258), Delhi

All the modules were quite interesting, self explanatory and full of information.

Trupti R. Naik

(Dec/10/029), Pune

I am satisfied with my result and experience of learning with Catalyst was nice. Thank you for guiding me and solving my queries whenever I contacted.

Dr. Anita Nakra

(ACPCR/Oct/12/005), Delhi

Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful mind-blowing training which helps us to improve in all aspects of life. All assignments given were mind opener and eye opener.

Dr. Jayanthi M.K.

(ACPCR/Nov/12/008), Mysore

I enjoyed the training program that was very informative and useful.

Dr. Hema N.G.

(PV/Jun/13/002), Mysore

It was a wonderful educative experience. I thank you for this opportunity to enrich my knowledge.

Dr. Krishnakumar Rathnam

(Aug/13/042), Madurai

I am extremely happy with the PDCR curriculum that helps me in day to day teaching of post graduates as well as in my clinical practice. I wish many more benefit from this course.